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A Dominican dance straight out of the Caribbean.
We run regular weekly and monthly Bachata classes
in a variety of forms of the dance.

Dominican Bachata is the traditional style, with fast footwork close partner work and an energy and dynamism that moves you round the dance floor.  Bachata basic steps are done by moving within a small square. A dancer may also include a tap and syncopation to their steps depending on the music played

Moderna is the most common form of Bachata you see on western dance floors. It is characterised using a side to side pattern instead of the box-steps as seen in Dominican Bachata. Influenced by lots of styles, the most direct fusion influence on the modern/moderna dance, comes from the adoption of salsa turn patterns; these, together with dips became the core of the dance.

Sensual Bachata is a between dance with strict follow and lead principles. The dance is an interpretation of the music with mostly circular movements, body waves, isolations and dips.

Urban Bachata is has seen it influenced by urban music e.g. hip hop and incorporates breaks, isolations, pops and locks. Bachata footwork is still used and it is usually danced to more Urban styles of Bachata music.

Bachatango is also a fusion dance from the West with short sequences of Bachata basic steps fused with different Tango steps danced the “pop” count. The is used to add elaborated sensuality and varied Latin ballroom dance styles and also include the ganchas (characteristic kicks) from tango.


SalSeduce is a great place to dance and watch others dance in a friendly sociable atmosphere.

Margaret May


Fantastic venue with amazing teachers. Looking forward to more!

Safia Begum Fudala


First visit last night and it didn't disappoint! I was very nervous as I had gone alone but Chris put everyone at ease immediately. The class was fun and easy to pick up, cant wait for next week!

Francesca Bell


Came last night for the first and wasn't sure what to expect and was a little nervous. OMG! it was amazing; great instruction and a lovely friendly bunch of people. I will definitely be back!

Rachel Ord


A fabulous, fun filled night! I'd recommend it to anyone, it's a brilliant way to socialise, learn salsa, and make new friends!

Gloria Munday